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Is island suitable for your kitchen?

Kitchen Island For Dinner


The kitchen island platform can be divided into two types: "island platform" and "Peninsula platform". The island is a functional design of the kitchen cabinet, which is independent of the cabinet area, and is generally used in the open kitchen. In addition to having very strong design effect, this model also has a very efficient kitchen workflow. Kitchen Peninsula, it is not a complete island. The word Peninsula comes from the Latin language "almost an island". The peninsula platform and the complete kitchen island function are mostly functional, but they are fixed at one end. The peninsula is a small kitchen with practical and functional functions, because one end is fixed on the wall and occupies very little land.




The functions of the island



The kitchen island platform is a versatile kitchen furniture, not just for putting food dishes, but also for bars and dining tables. At the beginning of the design, the kitchen island platform was mainly used to deal with the dishes cleaning. Then, according to people's habits and preferences, the kitchen island was innovated and combined into a bar table and a temporary table. It can be used for leisure. In the kitchen, simple meals can be done without cleaning the table separately, and it can also be very convenient to operate and reduce redundant links.





The function of the kitchen island is not only embodied in the overall space of the kitchen, but also reflected in the design of the island itself. It is used to collect a variety of items, such as the kitchen utensils that are not commonly used in the kitchen or the red wine and other related items in the dark cabinet. In addition to the dark grid and the drawers, it is often designed in the kitchen island. The space effect is excellent, enabling the kitchen space to become orderly.





The kitchen island platform can be used to partition the kitchen space and add the decoration of the whole kitchen space. The kitchens are generally independent. They can make a clear distinction between the kitchen area, the leisure area and other functional areas. In most modern household environment, the kitchen is mostly open design, and the separate island platform is used to separate the different functional areas. This design can also add decorative effects to the kitchen.




So, should your kitchen have an island? Yes, sure. According to the size of your kitchen, you can customize.



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