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How to identify the quality of kitchen cabinet?



1.Look at the edge

High quality cabinet uses professional machine edge sealing, which is exquisite and smooth. With straight sealing and fine joints, it makes users feel good. Not only it can make the appearance look more beautiful, good edge also plays an important role in preventing the board formaldehyde and other harmful gas volatilization, moisture into the board which caused by inflation deformation. The inferior products are not professional enough, and it is easy to uneven pressure, easy to break gum off, which is resulting in inflow expansion, toxic gas release and other hazards. When purchasing, you can focus on the sealing process of door panels, and the good edges are smooth and no black lines.




2.Look at the punch holes

The combination of cabinet connection needs to be positioned by punching holes in the plate, and the accuracy of the holes’ position will affect the cabinet structure firmness. Small workshops are prone to inaccurate positioning of manual work, which leads to the installation problems and size errors. The big brands are very concerned about product technology and details while the small workshops’ cabinets are not coordinated.



3.Look at the grade of Eco-friendly

There are many kinds of cabinet boards on the market, such as fiberboard, multi-layer solid wood boards and solid wood granular boards. Due to production process, it will be added to quite amount of adhesives and accessories. The inferior products are harmful to human health. In fact, the formaldehyde emission has corresponding grade environmental standards, and the European standard E0 or E1 is the international high standard. Big brands will choose European E1 environmental protection board and high quality harmless environmental protection paint so as to achieve waterproof, moisture-proof and odor-free effect.


4.Look at the slide

Although it is very small detail, it affects the quality of the cabinet. Due to the size error of vacancy and plate, there is an error in the installation dimension of slide rail. If the drawer can’t pull smoothly or behave loose, you need to pay attention to whether the drawer gap is uniform.


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