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Skills to maintain & clean your kitchen.

Methods to deal with kitchen issue

Solid wood kitchen cabinet


Solid wood is suitable for the temperature of 5~35 and relative humidity of 35%~80%. Solid wood is easy to shrink and crack in dry environment while it is easy to expand and absorb moisture in wet environment.


Methods to clean:

1. In wet weather, the kitchen should be dry and the water on the ground should be cleaned in time, and the water on the door should be wiped off in time as well.

2. In dry weather, you need to humidify the kitchen by placing a basin of water or using a humidifier.


* Avoid getting close to the source of water and direct sunlight; avoid exposure to organic solvents such as toluene and acetone; clean the carving seams with a cotton dishcloth and brush and watercolor pen.



Veneer kitchen cabinet


Humid environment is easy to lead to have mold, you must balance the humidity of the environment and to maintain room air circulation.  


Methods to clean:

1. Clean with a wet cloth. If deep cleaning is required, add a little liquid detergent, rinse with clean water, and then dry with a soft cloth.

2. Never use corrosive detergents (acetone and trichloroethylene), alkaline detergent (soda or ammonia) are also not allowed to use.


* Too humid or too small space is easy to make products moldy, try to use dry cloth to clean products.



Lacquer kitchen cabinet


Use a smooth cleaning cloth dipped with neutral cleaning solution (such as alcohol, kerosene) to wipe the stains, and then clean them with a wet cloth and dry them in time.


Methods to clean:

1. Never use corrosive detergents (acetone, trichloroethylene), alkaline detergents (ammonia) or detergents containing abrasive ingredients.

2. Do not use sharp objects and hard objects to collide with door panels so as to prevent damage to the surface of baking varnish.


*The paint will change color due to high temperature, so try to avoid direct sunlight during use.



Melamine kitchen cabinet


The surface of melamine is extremely wearable, scratch resistant, acid and alkali resistant, and generally does not require special maintenance.


Methods to clean:

1. Clean surface with general household cleaner.


*Don't touch water for a long time in the use of melamine to avoid cracking and swelling.





Clean the surface of laminate with clean wet cloth or sponge with neutral soap or detergent. For the stubborn stains, use a mild hard brush with paste or use soda and water for 10-20 times to remove most stains.


Methods to clean:

1. Do not use sewer cleaners, which contain lye, and will permanently damage the surface.

2. Solvents containing corrosive chemicals, such as oven cleaners and rust removers, should not be used. They will immediately and permanently damage the surface.

3. Bathroom basin cleaners should not be used. They contain corrosive chemicals that will permanently damage the surface.


*Steel wool and other cleaning cloth may also damage the laminate and do not use them to clean.



PP Wrapped kitchen cabinet


Wipe the toothpaste solution with a cotton towel (toothpaste half box + 5 liters of water), and then wipe the toothpaste solution with a towel dipped in water.


Methods to clean:

1. Never use corrosive cleaners (acetone and trichloroethylene).


*Alkaline detergent (soda water, ammonia) and detergent containing frosted ingredients should not be used.



Metal Foil kitchen cabinet


Clean the surface of the metal panel of the wardrobe with a clean wet cloth or sponge with neutral soap or detergent.


Methods to clean:

1. Avoid direct flushing with water to prevent the door panels from becoming damp.

2. You can use a mild hard brush with household neutral detergent cleaning. Do not use acid or alkaline detergent on the metal decorative panel cleaning.

3. For stubborn stains, wash with mild hard brush and paste with soda and water.


*Do not clean with steel wool ball, scratch the metal surface and leave the mark that can’t be repaired.



Acrylic kitchen cabinet


Use sponge or flannel when cleaning, do not use coarse cloth, clean cloth, and any cleaning agent containing granular objects.


Methods to clean:

1. Use mild detergent (such as dish detergent), do not use abrasive cleaning agent.

2. It can also be cleaned with glass water and dried with soft cloth. In case of stubborn stains, a small amount of abrasive cleaning agent can be used for cleaning.


*Do not scrub with steel wire, wire brush or abrasive sponge. And do not use strong corrosive organic solvents such as acetone, or it will cause irreparable losses.





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Installation 08/04/2021 11:34

Keeping up with kitchen cleanliness is essential to stay away from foodborne infections. There are various different components to remember to ensure before you serve good and healthy food to your friends and family. I really enjoyed reading your blog. I liked how you gave detailed knowledge about different kitchen designs and how we can clean them.

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Great article

Neatspiration 04/16/2019 13:07

Kitchen cleaning in safe manner is very important to maintain the hygienic value because we prepare tasty foods in kitchen. I think always use Eco-friendly cleaning products as they are safe for us as well as the environment.