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Ways to distinguish European style and American style cabinets.


We customers may easily confuse that the difference between European style and American style. Today, this article will talk about the features of them. In fact, the definition of European style is in large range. It includes not only the traditional European style, but also the Nordic, simple style and small fresh pastoral style.


Traditional European style is complex and attaches importance to carver. It emphasizes the magnificent decoration, strong colors and exquisite shapes to achieve the elegant decoration effect.


Traditional European cabinets


Nordic style emphasizes simple decoration, full of modern lines of urban style and nature with a perfect combination of structure and comfort functions, generally with white and light wood color.


Nordic style cabinet


The simple European style, as the name suggests, is simplified European style. Replacing the complicated carving with simple lines, we adopt more fresh and lively colors, which not only retain the classical European elegance, but also adapt to the leisure and comfort of modern life.


Simple European style cabinet


European pastoral style emphasizes the change of line flow. The color is mainly light colors such as white and ivory white. Based on romanticism, it is pure and soft. It shows the natural and elegant flavor of pastoral through decoration. It is close to the natural and simple life.


Pastoral style cabinet


The American style embodies a more natural feeling, it does not have too much decoration, no gold and silver inlaid, not too much gorgeous and beautiful decoration. It mainly emphasizes comfort, style, practical and multi-functional. It is modest but luxurious. American-style cabinets are a lot of in deliberately old style with dark brown or dark yellow as the main color, which simplifies a lot of modeling lines and shows arbitrary.


American style cabinet



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